On the road with one of Cairo’s first female taxi drivers

Source: BBC News, 27 Sept. 2010

Source: BBC News, 27 Sept. 2010

We cannot of course be sure if you are following all of our web of key themes that together create the bedrock of World Streets, but two of these that are most important to us are (a) the importance of “pattern change” and, of course our old friends will say, (b) the role of women as not just passive passengers in a system designed by and mainly for men, but also active drivers of the changes that we now need to put in place to have mobility systems which are both sustainable and just as well as efficient. With this in view, let’s share with you this morning  a very short video just in from the BBC in which one of Cairo’s new female taxi drivers shares with us some of her views on her job and the attitudes it evokes in the people around on the street.

For years all the taxi drivers who worked Cairo’s notoriously packed streets were men but now eight women have broken the monopoly. While they have faced opposition from some more conservative Egyptians, they have proved a hit with many women passengers, who say they feel safer in their cabs.

Driver Enas Hammam let BBC News ride along in her cab for a day.

* Click here for video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-11406383

(With kind thanks to the redoubtable Gail Jennings, editor of Mobility mag in South Africa for the good heads-up.)


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