Groningen: The quiet example

What? You know all about transport in cities and you have never heard of Groningen? Well, check out this : an unexpected street interview in Groningen, a slice of life as filmed by our old friend and transport innovating colleague Robert Stussi. He has titled it: “A Homage to Hans Monderman”. Hear, hear!

This bit of dialogue from the passer-by holding his bike (whom we later discovered was an architect who lives in the city) is worth a thought:

Hello. Welcome to Groningen.  The best town of the whole world.

Because we are so far away from everything that we can be very creative.  And no one cares about our creativity because they don’t know about our creativity.

We are the inventors of a new world.  So you see, my sir.

And statistically you can prove it.

# # #

About the videographer:

Robert Stussi is a senior consultant, researcher and activist in Transport and UrbanMobility. Pro-active for soft modes, European Mobility Week, mobility management, carsharing, alternative vehicle technologies. Networking and EU project and expert activities. Working and teaching experience in several countries, and an active proponent of new mobility for some years. “Glad to assist Eric in his as usual creative effort to get people together and things going, in quiet cities and elsewhere!”

# # #

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