Q1. Preliminary Mission Statement

Q1 Mission Statement: (Test run. Have a look. Share your views.)
Paris. 2 January 2012: This concept of creating a high-efficiency  equity-based transport system for your city is, if I may say so, an amazingly simple approach to transport policy and practice, in that once you understand and accept the basic principle a huge number of other good things follow.

And — this is the bottom line — you have only to look in one place to see if you have it — and that is on the streets of your city.  If the mayor, if all public servants, and of most of the top economic 10% of your community travel by the same means as the other 90%, you have an equitable system. If not, well then not! Sometimes life is simple. (Keep on reading and/or comment here or on Facebook Equity  page.)

PS. Once you have established the basic principle, the real work begins. The creation of a competitive non-solo-car transportation system – remember, we are taking about a better-than-car multi-layer, high-efficiency, high-choice mobility system — is possible, but it requires effort, brains and fire in your belly to get there. But the final result — equity – efficiency — economy — will well be worth all that hard work it takes to get there.

The full work program for 2012 will be posted here in the weeks ahead.

Let’s get started.

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