Helsinki Working Papers

Over the month cycle of the project, and in particular in the first weeks, we are drafting and sharing a certain number of working papers, covering organizational and substantive matters concerning which we think it is important that we have a shared view with all those who are participating in this program. As of this date (6 March), here is a quick list of the topics which we think need to be covered. (The working papers will be written and distributed in both English and Finnish.)

  1. Initial project announcement (20 February)
  2. Outreach for success: Key actors and partners  (28 January)
  3. Project schedule and main benchmarks (6 March)
  4. Master Class organization (working draft)  (6 March)
  5. Notes on the organisation of  the Focus Workshops
  6. What is equity (and what is it not)
  7. What is Equity-Based Transport
  8. What is the non-car majority and how do we serve them best
  9. Future of the automobile in the city
  10. Key role of the ITC interface
  11. A note on civil society and the social brain as an untapped resource
  12. What would an Equity-Based Transport system for Helsinki look like – and what would be the best way to get there

It can be anticipated that this list of topics will bounce around a certain amount over the coming weeks, but here you have at least our starting place. in the event, information on future working papers will be posted on the site.

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