Master Classes – Working notes (for comment)

Note to the reader: What follows here is still very rough and as you can surely see I am still struggling with it. But I think the pieces are starting to fall into place, and we should have something we can work with and share in the next day or two. It is always like this when you are trying to create a new pattern. So have a look and tell us what you think we need to do. Thanks for being critical and creative, and check back here in a few days for a more definitive posting.  

Basic information:

  • Dates: 21 – 23 March 2012
  • Schedule:  09:00 – 11:30  (From 11:30 to 12:30 reserved for freestyle exchanges in lobby)
    • Registration? 08:00 – with coffee, fruit juice. Each day.  (May we ask ask those who wish to come to “register” in advance  by email, indicating which sessions they wish to attend. And inviting their comments, questions, suggestions, in advance.
  • Address of conference facility:  _________________________
  • Telephone number of person responsible for organization

2012 Master Class Session Themes:

  • 21 March:  People First
  • 22 March:  Service suppliers and variants
  • 23 March:  Facilitators

Host team:

  • President. Leena Silfverberg
  • Moderator: Eric Britton
  • Rapporteurs (team): Taneli, Sanna, Other?
  • Second rapporteurs:  (Who to nominate? Demos. Dodo. Other? Task?)

Session organization (Basic template for all sessions):

  • Introduction: Equity and inequity in transport  – 20 minutes
  • 5 Focus Group presentations – 10 + 10 minutes each
  • 11:00:  Quick break – 10 minutes please  (discussion continues during)
  • Conclusion: 20 minutes – Moderator and rapporteur summaries of day
  • President: Announces next day (on last session – Next steps?)

Provisional notes on Master Class sessions:

21 MarchPeople First: User Groups (Facts, inequities, toward equity)

  • Car owners/drivers (+/-)
  • Public transport users
  • Marooned users: Poorly served areas, penalizing economics, unfair travel times, housebound
  • Elderly and handicapped (in a graying society)
  • Cyclists, pedestrians, hawkers, talkers and gawkers (i.e., transport and other uses)

22 March:  Service suppliers – Examples and potentials

  • Cars, streets and parking (The good, the bad and the ugly)
  • Public transport innovations for greater equity
  • Share/Transport: Taxis , carsharing, ridesharing, paratransit
  • Safe streets and social space strategies
  • Movement reduction: Planning and electronic

23 March:  Facilitators (Gov , media)

  • Mayor, city council, local government and agencies
  • Political parties (all)
  • Public interest groups (such as Demos, Dodo)
  • Schools and universities – Creating a culture of equity
  • Media (old and new, including blogging, social media, etc.)
  • How to spread the equity virus in Finland and beyond

* Page in process. Come back in a few days.

# # #

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